Our Mission and Values

The Mission of the Minnesota STEM Ecosystem is to close the STEM learning and workforce opportunity gap through a cross-sector collaboration that centers equity.

It is important we elevate positive role models in STEM from diverse backgrounds to help a broader range of young people see themselves in STEM and support the development of their own STEM identities.

equity and access

Facilitating hands-on STEM learning and leadership opportunities to underserved, nontraditional and special populations through flexible and accessible pathways.

community partnerships

Creating strong, forward-thinking partnerships that align with STEM education and career pathways, meeting both student and workforce needs.

Inclusion and Representation

Developing strategies to create a culture of diversity and inclusion within STEM programs. Actively seeking diverse leaders to draw on a wide variety of experiences and wisdom.

Experiential and Applied Learning

Preparing students for the workforce through real-world experiences, hands-on STEM learning opportunities, and clear alignment with STEM job pathways.